Enterprise Infrastructure

Cloud services from Global Network Technologies

Migration, procurement, management, and support services for your cloud infrastructure.

The cloud can provide unmatched security, productivity, and operational agility benefits for your business, but only if it is expertly managed and configured to your organization’s needs and goals. Global Network Technologies cloud specialists craft and implement the ideal cloud infrastructure for your business, and you barely have to lift a finger.

We’ll help you eliminate the need for expensive on-site servers, equip your remote employees to work securely and productively, host your custom apps cost-effectively, and much more. Partner with Hyperion for cloud solutions and services, and you’ll enjoy the maximum benefits from your cloud setup while we maintain everything for you. You get it all for a fixed price that only charges you for what you actually use.

  • Reduce your operating costs by lowering hardware, energy, and maintenance costs
  • Simplify your IT budget — pay only for what you need with no surprise fees or hidden charges
  • Enable you to easily scale computing resources up or down as needed, on the fly
  • Are customized to your business’s unique needs and long-term goals to ensure maximum ROI
  • Improve the security of your data while it is in transit and at rest while retaining anywhere, anytime availability

End-to-End Security Integration for Your Software, Applications, and Development

Secure, Run, and Maintain Your Business Applications

Protecting business applications from threats, while keeping them continuously available to users is necessary for secure business operations. Developing an AppSec Program helps remove business applications from being primary points of attack. Securing an organization’s mobile, email and web applications needs to be prioritized in order to protect data, users and the business.

Our approach to application security covers an entire business application secure software development lifecycle end-to-end. We review a business application’s internal framework, the company’s policies and procedures specific to that app, and then identify the risks and vulnerabilities associated with its usage. It is Global Network Technologies goal to improve overall cybersecurity posture while addressing the specific needs a company has within education, design, implementation, and review of applications, products, and services.

Unify Development and Security Operations Teams

There is little time to wait on application delivery. That’s where streamlined DevOps comes in, combining software development and IT operations to shorten the development life cycle and, ultimately, provide high-quality software and applications with highly efficient delivery.

Let Global Network Technologies unify development and security operations by streamlining communication and collaboration across teams so they can function as efficiently as possible in the event of a cyberattack. MorganFranklin’s cyber experts will work with an organization’s teams to coordinate the application security process within Agile/DevOps teams to ensure proper analysis and review before apps or updates deploy.

Open Source Security

We’ll analyze the open source dependencies in applications and provide critical versioning and usage information, working to conceive and implement full “DevSecOps” programs for more efficient collaboration and encourage a “security culture” within DevOps. With a united approach to DevOps and cybersecurity culture, an organization can drive a successful cyber-resilient strategy. Getting everyone involved across teams and departments encourages and promotes a protective culture ready to respond to cyber threats and react accordingly, allowing an organization to use open source technologies securely.

Open source security allows for the embrace of the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, but it’s a decentralized operation that opens data to risk and exposure. Global Network Technologies consulting can help recognize the cyber concerns and threats an organization is at risk of, then create a strategy that allows the company to stay ahead of risk and protect valuable business assets.

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