Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Global Network Technologies has added automation of business processes with RPA technology and artificial intelligence for small to medium size organizations We are partners of several Technologies that provide us with the base technology for robotic process automation (RPA).  Our technology, people, and process allow us to scale up your organization quickly and efficiently. RPA uses software to decrease human intervention in computer applications, we tend to imagine robots as industrial machines or androids with artificial intelligence, but RPA uses software robots that emulate human tasks, trained to perform workflows in computer systems


Are you ready for the 4th industrial revolution?

By 2025 it is estimated that 40% of manual processes will be automated, and at Global Network Technologies we have prepared ourselves to support you in this journey…


Robotic Automation as a service



Everything starts with a proof of concept, and together we select a process…


  • Process Selection and POC

The proof of concept (POC) has as its main objective to demonstrate the capabilities of RPA/UiPath on a particular challenge proposed by the organization.


  • Pilot plan

With the design of the RPA solution, we proceed to the development and training of the Robot, which executes the automation of the process either attended or unattended.

  • Gradual Implementation

We support the organization with a diagnosis and selection of its current processes (manual), and then propose the automation plan for the future.



  • End results speak for themselves

A Center of Excellence (COE) is essentially the way to thoughtfully and effectively integrate RPA into the institution and redistribute accumulated knowledge; together, we create a collaborative roadmap to increase the value across the organization

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