Our Vertical Markets

Public Sector

GNT Public Sector practice provides complete storage and security based solutions within Federal Government and State & Local Governments. GNT has 20 years of experience on procurement of various IT technologies withing the Public Sector Markets. Please call GNT sales for a complete list of specific contracting vehicles in order to better assist you on you procurement needs.


GNT Healthcare practice provides complete storage and security based solutions within Private and Public based Health Care. We understand the unique technical and business requirements of these organizations and have a staff of experts who can assist you in making the right choices for Cyber Security and Storage.


GNT Public Sector practice provides complete storage and security based solutions within the ever fast changing world of automotive technologies. GNT has partnered with leading edge Cyber Security partners to protect key entry points of a car from hackers. In addition we can continuously perform a threat analysis to determine which points are most vulnerable at any given point. We will also store the data withing a secure cloud environment for research and company wide collaboration.

Manufacturing - IoT

GNT Manufacturing The manufacturing sector was one of the first to integrate robotics into the assembly line and to include advanced automation into the very foundation of the sector. The additional use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has led to advancements in everything from medical devices to the future of autonomous vehicles. As companies exposure and reliance on networked systems and the internet have increased, the attendant risks and frequency of cyber security incidents have increased. GNT can help mitigate your risk of Cyber Security incidence. With the increase in cloud applications and cloud storage GNT can help you with making sure you select the best environment for your current and future IT needs.


GNT has a team of experts who can help with cyber attacks and data breaches within financial services organization which are more common than in any other industry. The amount of data that is being generated within today financial markets has doubled each year. Causing issues and making data management very complicated. With all the various technologies and financial systems moving towards cloud based environments you need a company that understands the synergy between storage and security. GNT has subject matter experts within both area’s who are ready to help your organization.


In a world where digital environments are an embedded part of the education institution, it’s important to protect student, faculty, and research data while allowing space for effective collaboration. While cyber attackers adjust their tactics at an alarming pace, K-12, college and university and their IT teams also face high expectations from senior academic and administrative leadership to develop and maintain a sound cyber risk and governance regime. GNT can help K-12, colleges and universities become more diligent and deliberate in being secure and resilient, focusing on policies, and controls to prevent the compromise of their most risk-sensitive assets and operations. GNT will also assist in the area of managing your storage growth both on premises and cloud based. Many institutions are migrating to a private or public cloud for collaboration and data access globally. GNT can assist in making sure you have the optimal technologies in place today and for the future needs of your organization.

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